color mixing discovery bottles

Color Mixing Discovery Bottles Ideas

Our favorite color mixing discovery bottles ideas are to be shared with you! Were so happy to have this opportunity our favorite ideas and finds so you can make well informed decisions before making and or buying supplies.

How To Make A Color Mixing Sensory Bottle

Since we saw color mixing sensory bottles we were in LOVE. However, as soon as I saw the price tag then we were like OHH. We decided lets venture into making our own 😀 Who does not love a good science challenge 🙂

Color Changing Sensory Bottle

By the time you make your color mixing bottle, you will see how amazing they are when placed by the window or on a light table or even better watch it. They are quite fluid looking and gliding throughout the bottle. The good thing is you don’t make them with water and that benefit is so they do not become bubbly. Instead they have this heavy mixture with pockets and lines of color look.

How cool would this be for your preschool curriculum? Color mixing theme, learning about colors and sensory play. Really perfect for all ages indeed.


  1. Liquid watercolors: blue, red and magenta. You might be able to substitute food coloring, although we did not try this. It really depends on your mood for experimentation.
  2. Wilton Primary Candy Dye Color Set: so these would produce two sets, and make sure you get the one with red, yellow, blue and orange
  3. Mineral Oil
  4. Clear Corn Syrup
  5. Clean SMALL water bottle: you can use Voss
  6. 2 Funnels OR mixing containers with spouts: one for the oil and one for the corn syrup
  7. Spatula

Making Your Bottle

The first bottle we made was SO easy! It turned out perfectly the first time. It was a blue and yellow bottle and must have been the best one to start with. You can potentially experiment with a small quantity of baby food jars, best way to experiment with colors.

Put Corn Syrup As The Bottom Layer

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