Winter Poems by Famous Poets 2023

Winter poems by famous poets must be our favorite endeavor yet. Here we list the top 9 winter poems by famous poets.

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“The Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens: This poem is about the idea of snowmen being symbols of how short life is. Stevens writes about the snowman’s “two black buttons” for eyes that look at the empty winter landscape, and his “frozen voice” that speaks about “nothing.”

Source: SpokenVerse

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost: This poem is about the beauty and peacefulness of winter. Frost writes about someone stopping their horse by a dark, deep wood on a snowy evening. The person likes the quiet of the woods, but they also know they have “miles to go before [they] sleep.”

Source: RedFrost Motivation

“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot: This poem is about a person named J. Alfred Prufrock and his thoughts and feelings. He wonders if he is good enough and if he can connect with other people. It also mentions the “frosty silence” and the “bare, forked animal” of winter.

Source: Gloritarendon

“Winter Morning Walk” by Mary Oliver: This poem is about the beauty and simplicity of going for a walk on a winter morning. Oliver writes about the “crust of snow” and the “bare black branches” of the trees, as well as the “tiny red berries” and the “frost on the grass.”

Source: Maria Schneider Official Page

“Snowflakes” by Elizabeth Coatsworth: This poem is a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of snowflakes. Coatsworth writes about the “tiny, fragile stars” of snow that fall from the sky and “whirl and dance” in the winter air.

Source: EnglishLamWoo

“Snow” by David Budbill: This poem is a tribute to the quiet and peacefulness of a snowy winter day. Budbill writes about the “deep, soft blanket” of snow that covers the landscape and the “white, still world” that it creates.

Source: David Budbill

“The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats: This poem is a celebration of the joy and wonder that a snowy day can bring. Keats writes about a young boy who loves to play in the snow, making tracks and snowball fights, and feeling “warm inside” despite the cold outside.

Source: Buddy Son StoryTime

The Snow Globe” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich: This poem is a meditation on the magic and mystery of the snow globe. Dotlich writes about the “tiny, perfect world” contained within the glass globe, with its “dazzling white” snow and its “tiny trees” and “tiny people.”

“Snow Day” by Jack Prelutsky: This poem is a celebration of the excitement and fun of a snowy day off from school. Prelutsky writes about the “snowy, slushy, mushy, slippy” joys of a snow day, from building snowmen to having snowball fights.

Source: EJK Foundation

I hope these poems inspire a love of winter and poetry in your child!

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