Valentine Magnetic Discovery Bottle

Valentine Magnetic Discovery Bottle Favorite

If you are looking for a quick and simple idea for a Valentine’s Bottle your in luck! This adorbs magnetic Valentine discovery bottle is just the thing for you. Preschoolers will love learning about magnets in this fun activity and we must say this is definitely a favorite.

Valentine Magnetic Discovery Bottle for Preschoolers

We have a simple magnetic Valentine discovery bottle for preschoolers to explore magnets in a safe fashion. Some of which can be a generation genius magnets or stem activities with magnets. This activity is designed for kids age 3 and over, who will obviously not put any magnets in their mouth. As we all know swallowing magnets is a big no no!

Magnetic Valentine Discovery Bottle Checklist

  1. Heart Confetti
  2. Clear bottle
  3. Clear school glue
  4. Red glitter
  5. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  6. Felt hearts
  7. Clothespin
  8. Neodynium coin magnets (please be VERY careful not to give these to kids unsupervised!)

Valentine Discovery Bottle Elements

Science: Preschoolers will learn about the basics of magnet science including the polarity of magnets, its strength, where they are found and what really makes magnets work. Cool right?

Technology: Magnets are super fascinating technology and used in many facets of technology from computers to radios.

Math: Kids can count the hearts and or see how long it takes for all the glitter to settle.

Engineering: Kids will also learn that magnets must be facing the right way for the magnetic wand to work.

Directions to Make a Valentine Sensory Bottle

Step 1

Make your magnet wand by stacking 3 or 4 coin magnets together

Step 2

Glue the magnets to the end of the clothespin with hot glue. Do not let your child play with the magnets without supervision, because although the magnetic grip is strong, it is very possible to remove the magnets then swallow them.

Step 3

Only do this project with a child who will not try to eat the magnets.

Step 4

Glue a few magnets to the back of some of the hearts

Step 5

Pour 1/4 of a cup of glitter and the glue into the water bottle after removing the label (oil helps it come off quick).

Step 6

Fill the bottle with warm water and shake to mix. Add in a few confetti hearts.

Step 7

Put the magnetic hearts and some of the regular felt hearts into the bottle

Step 8

Seal the lid tightly

Step 9

Give the bottle to your preschooler to play with and show how the magnetic wand will pick up the magnetic hearts, but it won’t be able to pick up the felt hearts.


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